About Us

Our Vision and Mission

Welcome!  While your experience with us involves a visit to a world renowned Middle Stone Age archaeological cave site, our main goals are to create awareness of the original human design, to awaken the human spirit, and to inspire people to change the way they behave towards all life on our planet.  We aim to reconnect people with nature, each other and themselves through our shared cultural and natural heritage.  Ultimately, we intend to create a research centre with the purpose of transforming human behaviour from its current dysfunctional state into one that serves the environment and all life in it.

Archaeology's focus is on reconstructing human behaviour from the material remains discovered in archaeological sites.  The archaeological record is like a road map of our development with signposts of where we've been, what we've done, what has worked for us and what has not.  We use the archaeological record as a springboard to talk about the human condition today.  We show that our earliest ancestors' behaviour was guided by knowledge and belief systems based in and connected with nature.  We focus on the origins of human behaviour in an attempt to understand our behaviour today, and how we might change our behaviour for the better of all life on earth.

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