• by Shaen Adey
    Awakening the Human Spirit
Point of Human Origins

Experience the awe of standing at Point of Human Origins.
Visit world renowned archaeological site with early evidence for modern human behaviour.
Mossel Bay, South Africa.

Our tour is a dual journey - one in space and time, and one within.
Our main goals are to create awareness of the original human design, to awaken the human spirit,
and to inspire people to discover themselves and to change the way they behave towards all life on earth.

Guest Reviews

  • Of the many wonderful thing we experienced in our month long trip to SA, this was a highlight. Our guide Christopher led us on an amaxing journey to 160,000 years in our past. We stood on the same ground as the common ancestors of every living human on earth. We touched tools used by our ancestor 160,000 years ago. Beside the physical beauty of the coast the mental pictures... Read this review

    A life chaging experience

    St. Augustine, Florida

  • Incredible walk with awesome views. Our guide was extremely passionate and knowledgeable & answered our questions eagerly. All details were expertly and thoroughly explained with interest and context. I really felt that if I had squinted my eyes a little I could have seen these early human families sitting in the caves getting on with their lives. This experience is the only time I have felt a real connection... Read this review



  • Nestled somewhat incongruously beneath a modern clifftop golf course are the caves which form the Point of Human Origins. Once inhabited by our ancestors of 200,000 years ago, the spectacularly beautiful location certainly makes you think. The visits here are small group tours with an enthusiastic and knowledgeable guide, in our case it was Christopher. He explained how the caves were first discovered (through the environmental surveys for the... Read this review


    Prehistory meets the 21st Century!

  • I contacted the Point of Human Origins via their website for a group of Americans visiting the Mosselbaai area. They responded right away and were extremely accommodating for everyone in attendance. Chris, our guide, was very informative and kept everyone interested in the history of the area. I learned more on this tour than I have on most other tours I've been on. We also arrived early and had... Read this review

    Alicia O

    Minneapolis, Minnesota