Experience with Dr Nilssen

Please note that ALL tours and cave visits by appointment only. The sites are not open to the public.

Point of Human Origins Experience with Dr. Nilssen.

Tour must be booked in advance and depends on Dr. Nilssen's availability (due to professional commitments he is not always available). We prefer a group of not less than 8 people to run a full tour. This tour is usually between 3 to 4 hours in duration.

If a group of 8 or more people cannot be arranged, then a private tour or cave visit can be booked with Dr Nilssen.

The Point of Human Origins Experience is divided into two parts:

1st part - an introductory, thought provoking PowerPoint presentation by Dr Nilssen that will take you on a journey into pre-history where you learn about human nature and behavior, ancient environments, sea levels, food sources, cave formation processes, stone tool technology, and how our earliest ancestors managed to survive a near extinction event through their connection with and reliance on nature.

2nd part – scenic visit to the Pinnacle Point Caves in the company of Dr Nilssen. The only access to Cave 13B is via a series of steep wooden stairways and boardwalks (some 200 stairs in each direction). The climb back up can be taxing unless you’re mildly fit.

Your contribution: 

A portion of each person’s  entry fee goes into a conservation fund for protecting and conserving the sites that we visit. So every visitor is personally involved in the conservation of humanity heritage at Pinnacle Point Caves. In recognition of this we give each visitor a certificate to this effect, as well as a booklet to serve as a memory jogger of their time with us.

At your expense, food and beverages are available at the Pinnacle Point Club House Restaurant.