Postcards, art & archaeology connect Mossel Bay and Europe - by Martin Hatcheul

Posted by Peter on Fri August 1, 2014 in Media Releases.

“In order to physically and symbolically make the connection between Pech Merle and Mossel Bay - and between Africa and Europe - Laura has created a limited edition of fifty works by adapting one of the
Postcards from Pech Merle, with a painting of a mammoth on the front, and the label ‘Post-modern’ on the back.

“These are available at five Euros each, and the proceeds go to the trust that sees to the conservation of the Pinnacle Point Caves.

“Laura gets the buyers in France to address the cards to themselves, and to put them into envelopes which she posts to us in Mossel Bay.

“When we get them, we write a short greeting from the Point of Human Origins on each one, and stamp and post them back to their owners via the postbox at the historic Post Office Tree in the Bartolomeu Dias Museum Complex - complete with a special commemorative frank from the South Africa's oldest post office,” said Dr. Nilssen.

“The participants’ contribution to the preservation of the Pinnacle Point Caves is acknowledged through a listing on the Roll of Honour on Mossel Bay’s Point of Human Origins website - and the circle linking humanity across the planet is completed,” he said.

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